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TOP trading software's of 2021
Rama FRS 2.0
15% returns average on a weekly basis
Conservative with 92% accuracy
Arbitrage opportunities
Mathematical model-based strategies
Minimum investment, USD 100.
Last 24 hours
25% returns average on a weekly basis
Moderate level efficacy
Master of trend-following strategies
Trading range
Volume and Time weighted average price (VWAP +TWAP)
Minimum investment, USD 500
Last 24 hours
The Rising phoenix
Trader's choice of the year
65% returns average on a weekly basis
Crypto Fund rebalancing
Crypto's trend-following expert
2021 most successful day, 435% profit.
Percentage of volume (POV)
New Crypto up-comers
Minimum investment, USD 2,500
Last 24 hours
What is Algo-Trading?

Algo trading or algorithmic trading is a process of executing orders using automated and pre-programmed trading instructions. These instructions are the outcome of sophisticated mathematical formulas.
Given that algorithms can process data in a faster and more error-free manner than humans and also eliminate emotions from trading, algo trading results in better-informed decisions with real-time data.
Further, these algorithms can work round the clock to capture every opportunity, as well as offer accuracy and speed not possible with human trading.

Algo-trading advantages
Trade execution performed at optimal prices, instantly and accurately.
Simple to use and operate. Once initiated. It is 100% automated.
Trades are scheduled correctly and executed instantly, to avoid significant price changes.
Lowered transaction costs.
Simultaneous automated checks on multiple market conditions that might affect trade efficiency and profitability.
Eliminates risk of manual errors when placing trades.
Algo-trading can be back-tested using available historical and real-time data to see if it is a viable trading strategy before implementing in a live trading environment.
Eliminates emotional and psychological factors associated with human traders.
What is Algo-Trading?

Most Algo-trading today is high frequency trading (HFT). A method of trading that attempts to capitalize on placing a large number of orders at rapid speeds across multiple markets and multiple decision parameters based on preprogrammed instructions.

Algo-trading is used in many forms of trading and investment activities including:

Mid- to long-term investors or buy-side firms, for example Pension funds, mutual funds, insurance companies. They use Algo-trading to purchase stocks and other securities in large quantities over time using multiple orders, when they do not want to influence stock prices with discrete, large-volume investments.
Short-term traders and sell-side participants such as market makers (for example brokerage houses), speculators, and arbitrageurs, use Algo-trading to benefit from automated trade execution; in addition, algo-trading aids in creating sufficient liquidity for sellers in the market.
Systematic traders such as trend followers, hedge funds, or pairs traders (a market-neutral trading strategy that matches a long position with a short position in a pair of highly correlated instruments such as two stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or currencies), find it much more efficient to program their trading rules and let the program trade automatically.